Because I do not gamble online only land based casinosI'm very roupette what you think of it. Whether it's to volatile, if the lkghtning RTP is worth the entertainment, etc. Straight bets can be multiplied by 50,or x. If calculatr not multiplied they pay monopoly games slots like I like the idea and can really add a whole new level to a click here number!

Aclculator looking forward to having a little go on it. If splits pay the same as regular roulette then surely just play splits or lighnting you only get the multiplier read article straight up numbers? Unfortunately only on straight up numbers, otherwise the game would have had a positive RTP.

And we would all be making millions. Rocknrolla I really hope you get a big jackpot number calculatro on this. I think number 8. I've just watced Paul playing this and I don't get it, how many numbers are you allowed to cover to qualify for the lightening odds boost? People are saying only straight up numbers qualify but aclculator stops you doing sections of 12 straight numbers i. What am I missing?

You have to put your money on single numbers, anything covering corners or splits will not pay. You can cover all numbers if you want as far as I know, but lightning roulette calculator thats not a lightning roulette calculator strategy.

You could cover if you want but theres no guarantee that one of those caoculator will be a lightning number and there's no guarantee the ball will drop on that either. In my view ,and having watched and played the game, its tilted towards the casino,and gives you no time to pause. Hitting lightning roulette calculator number for 50X does not make up for wsop free chips 2019 the spins you lose People who are betting every number will tell you that its losing session after session.

The only way lightning roulette calculator play this is to bet as usual and wsop free chips 2019 you hit a number Essentially I agree. Though, people playing all numbers deserve to lose. It's good to have a variety of games though and this is something different, so I don't mind it too much. It's one of those games that is good for libhtning quick punt now and again, but staying on it for any length of time is a bad idea.

The only thing I really don't like is that it's auto roulette. Absolutely agree about the auto roulette Cslculator don't trust Evolution Gaming to be fair ,as greed seems the reason behind this game. I guess it has to be auto roulette as the numbers chosen are on a certain timer, so there cant be any delays or such or it'll mess things up. But yeah, even though its probably fine, can never trust auto roulette. Something that I'm going to dig a little into is lightnint that wheel is working.

I lightning roulette calculator reading the patent on the wsop free chips 2019 auto wheels and just click for source reason they had a dome of glass over them was so the negative air pressure created could suck the ball out the wheel and get it spinning, anyway did you notice the lightning wheel has no glass over it, so wsop free chips 2019 the hell is it sucking the ball out the wheel and spinning it?!?

I do not like auto roulette one single bit - the lightning roulette calculator or even the actual winning number can be determined before the wheel is spun. So lets put that cxlculator perspective - you can continue placing bets while the balls is spinning and the machine has already decided whether they've won or lost. If you played in here live casino and the dealer stuck their hand lightning roulette calculator the wheel to slow it down or speed wsop free chips 2019 up while the ball wsop free chips 2019 spinning - would you accept that?

Also, remember, the ball actually see more to land on the lightning number as well. Taking an example, lets say you done your method and the lightning numbers chosen were 1, 2 and 3, the wsop free chips 2019 itself could land on 32 and you get nothing. Click the following article another example, let's say you were extremely lucky, had you 12 numbers covered, 1 was chosen as a lightning number, it most likely would only be a 50x multiplier.

Not very good returns for the risk. Essentially, it's not a game you can martingale effectively what is? The only way this game is profitable in my eyes anyway, is for a quick smash and grab. Hitting a jackpot number within a couple of spins and leaving. Would be interesting to know what is the wsop free chips 2019 amount of spins that a lightning number hits??

Yes if you use a progressive stake,raising in a fibonacci sequence You should know thatwith your own roulette experiences. How many times have you jumped from tier to zero section and watched three more tier numbers in 7 spins???

Go to web page every 37 spins a lightning number hits, if your betting just one number it wil hit one every spins.

This is a finite mathematical theory and bears no relation to the reality The interval no doubt is to cream off excess profit and roylette the game more profitable. We don't have access to the truth here You will probably wsop free chips 2019 that the new Laser Fruit game has a similar program that has intelligent algorithms allowing it to respond to your winning by causing you to spend more time on the game tan necessary.

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TJFF Rocknrolla 5, Posted April 12, Adz Adzy MrUKHackz 12, I played it for a minute lightnnig pokerstars the other day lightning roulette calculator hit 23 with a x multiplier. Guest Miller Mad Slasher McGurk 5, Posted Learn more here 2, Posted May 3, edited.

Edited Roulettw 3, calcjlator howfin. Solario 9, Posted May 3, calcuoator The to 1 payouts are so rare as lightnimg be useless. Stick to the red casino fashioned 36x game. Thats my opinion on this one Only the straight check this out bet qualifies for the 50x more info MmmmDonuts caoculator This is what auto-roulette machines do.

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