Fans were four or five deep at the rail, so close to Johnny Chan during his victory against Weries Seidel that they could have reached out and helped him push his chips over the line.

The Rio, however, ushered in a new age of poker. During a time when poker enjoyed its years of growth and became more appealing to the mainstream, the rail increased and had to be back.

Seating was erected in the Thunderdome, and in other rooms, huy fans being kept at a modest distance. When thinking on the World Series of Poker at the Rio what comes to mind to world series of poker buy in 2022 reporter is one hand in particular. But in truth, Duhamel took the biggest step world series of poker buy in 2022 victory when he won possibly serirs best hand the Rio has ever seen against Matt Pokee.

Affleck had pocket aces, Duhamel had pocket jacks and somehow, all the money went in on a turn that saw Affleck a favorite. A few minutes later, Affleck returned to shake the hand of everyone at the click the following article, ending in Duhamel himself. If the moment started awkwardly, it ended by transcending bug and showing the humanity that exists worlc poker players.

Sure the Rio has its flaws. Poker can be about stepping into a teeming mass of sweat and closeness, shoulder-to-shoulder with your best friend and your biggest enemy — who, in a poker tournament, can be exactly the same person. It can feel like a cauldron. With dozens of flags depicting former winners adorning every side of the two main cardrooms, each race has gathered its own momentum inside its echo chambers populated by thousands of poker players.

From queues for the restroom and registration desk that snake through the labyrinthine pathways that criss-cross the Rio hallways to the stands of phone world series of poker buy in 2022 sellers and massage machines, there is no place like it. The Rio will go down in poker history as the venue world series of poker buy in 2022 poker grew up, where it became the beast that can now never be tamed. How many more become eternal this Autumn remains as poker should, in the hands of the players who make the game what it is.

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