Post by stoo23 » Auslot forum Sep 25, am. Post by Greg Erskine » Mon Sep 25, am. Post by SlotBaker » Auslot forum Sep 25, am.

Post by SlotBaker » Wed Sep 27, pm. Post by Greg Erskine » Wed Sep 27, pm. Post by OhioMurray » Fri Oct 09, pm. Post by stoo23 » Sat Auslot forum 10, am. Quick links. Auslot Forum??? It would appear they Auslothave a Facebook page but so far, No mention of this issue has appeared there. I am assuming there Must be some real 'Issue', as if you try searching for them via Google, the 'Links' that Used to lead you to the auslit, No longer seem to appear!!

Perhaps somewhat of a foru, considering the 'activity' that Forum used to have. Re: Auslot Forum??? It reports it is infected with URL:Mal. Post by SlotBaker » Mon Sep 25, am I got the same thing using Firefox, but chose to view article the warning and pushed through. The Auslot admin are working on it, and this is one thought auslot forum 'ZeGas'.

It used to be the case aualot if you searched a topic on auslot such as "zegas here track", for instance, from a search engine and you clicked on the search link relating auslot forum auslot.

I know note that no auslot searches come up in chrome now, totally block from search engine. The same search in IE comes up top of list and auslot forum is pure rubbish, still redirects to adult website "url4short. I auslot forum convinced it is the name "Auslot". I flrum google has taken the "slot" part as relating auslot forum slot machines, and aslot.

IMO Regarding Chrome. It is being blocked because the latest version of chrome, which updates automatically, is turning on "Protect you and your device from dangerous sites". Fotum only way to remove this now would be to change the forum ofrum either another name, not recommended as it has a good reputation, or we chip in and get a.

Or use a different browser, but I auslot forum guessing that the other browsers will catch up soon as well as governments are pushing the internet based companies to self regulate more with the dorum of being regulated by governments. Post by stoo23 » Mon Auslot forum fotum, am Hmm. When looking for further info', I found some reports of the Auslot forum Stats and there were a number of Other sites also 'hosted' by the particular provider, which All seemed to work just fine.

The wheels have fallen off!! Post by OhioMurray » Fri Oct 09, pm It seems to have xuslot 3 auspot, but now I also received warnings using Chrome that this is an " attack site".

Could there be a problem with the Internet? Recently I have been having problems with Internet speed so I'm looking for new broadband. I can't be sure exactly what the problem is because of the Internet, but auslot forum any case Last edited by OhioMurray on Sun Oct 11, am, edited 1 time in total. Post by stoo23 » Sat Oct 10, am Hmmm, strangely. The site has auslot forum attacked a number of times over the years. Must say I don't tend to visit as much as I used to these days, so not sure how stable things have been.

Seems Ok now though.